I have had the following report a couple of times on my soft:
Photoshop 5.0 will not open the BMP files
created by 1.5:
"Could not open the document because the
file-format module cannot parse the file"
However, Firehand Ember Pro v. 3.8.1 will
open the files, so all I had to do was
"launder" them first, and then Photoshop
could use them in the BMP format.

What is the 'standard' format for BMP if there is one. I need high-res, but compatible with all if that is possible.
Currently I am saving the files sortof like follows:
bitmap := Tbitmap.create;
FIMG1.bmp.draw(bitmap.Canvas.Handle, 0, 0);
bitmap.HandleType := bmDIB;
savepic1.filename := ChangeFileExt(Savepic1.filename, '.bmp');

Do I 'have' to do something like follows:
with FileHeader do
      bfType := $4D42;
      bfSize := Size;
      bfReserved1 := 0;
      bfReserved2 := 0;
      bfOffBits := SizeOf(TBitmapFileHeader) + SizeOf(TBitmapInfoHeader);
      case Info^.bmiHeader.biBitCount of
        1: bfOffBits := bfOffBits + 2 * 4;
        4: bfOffBits := bfOffBits + 16 * 4;
        8: bfOffBits := bfOffBits + 256 * 4;

Alistair George+

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