Peter Jones wrote:

> There is also the Dream Controls - available from (?) or DSP.
> This seems to good to be true as it gives you a full Delphi interpreter
> and Delphi like environment.

Robert Loof and I just had a review of the above published in 
Developers Review (March issue, I think). The gist is:

a) Indeed they DO offer a good Delphi-like scripting language, 
called Delphin (no exceptions at present), but that is just one 
part of the overall solution, and you don't have to use it (see 

b) It provides very clever, easy ways to expose your components 
(and the entire VCL!) to the scripts

c) The demo is a truly good way to get a feel for what's good 
about it, so it's worth paying a visit to

d) You're not limited to using its "Delphin" interpreter -- you can 
hook it up with any Microsoft Scripting Engine back end you wish 
(VBS, JS, Perl etc), and still get all the other advantages (FWIW, 
Delphin itself is *not* MSE, so can be bound directly into your 
EXE if you want, with no extra installation hassles)  

e) Debugging with MSE back ends is limited, but there are 
debugging options these days. For Delphin, it's currently non-

f) There's a whole bunch of other components for IDE design, 
parsing, syntax-highlighted editing, excellent property editors and 
so on

In other words, well worth a look in.


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