For what it's worth, I have just evaluated (mostly) Seagate Info 7.  In the
process I had a look at Report Builder Pro.

Info includes Seagate Report Designer (formelly Crystal Reports) as well as
many other designers.  The only comparison that can be made between RB Pro
(or non pro) is in the designer and vcl components.  For designer, SRD wins
easily - allthough it has some annoying 'features' and is not allways
exactly wysiwyg.  RP Pro wins in the VCL department but then it has really
cause without it's vcl it would not work.  Feature wise, they are fairly

My conclusions are prettry straight forward - use RB Pro if your a
programmer and want light weight reports and like lots of coding.  Use Info
or just Seagate Reports if you are more user orientated and want
performance and scalability.  (Info provides server based reporting with
too many features to mention here).

All the people here who say that Crystal is slow have obviously not done
any serious C/S work because all crystal does is run a query.  If you write
lousy queries then it doesn't matter what tool you use - performance will
be bad.  Since Crystal 5 (maybe earlier) you have been able to use stored
procedures or user entered queries.

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