Jeremy I am not sure if the following will help; but I believe you are running NT. Also, if you are scaling, TT fonts are the way to go the check for it is in the Proc below.
There is a known printing problem with Windows NT 4.0
when you have multiple font changes on the printer canvas.
Installing Service Pack 3 for NT 4.0 solves this problem.
function IsTrueTypeAvailable : bool;
  rs : TRasterizerStatus;
  rs : TRasterizer_Status;
  result := false;
  if not GetRasterizerCaps(rs, sizeof(rs)) then exit;
  if rs.WFlags and TT_AVAILABLE <> TT_AVAILABLE then exit;
  if rs.WFlags and TT_ENABLED <> TT_ENABLED then exit;
  result := true;
As for streaming - tell me about it! I am working on streaming to memory a series of bitmaps (we talked about that before) then putting them to a contiguous file. The hard part is making this work FAST. Also I am having problems with my syntax to retrieve each bitmap from file, as I want to be able to click through them back and forward - but thats another story haha.
Anyway, if you want to know how to put to stream, and then to file I should be able to help u in a few days.
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Hi All.
I have been doing a bit of experimenting the last couple of days.
I want to create a VERY simple report writer for myself, as sometimes QR or other report writers are a bit of overkill for a really simple report. PLUS I wanted a new project to work on.
Basically the problem I have is, that I am sending the text to an image components canvas (this is D4).
When I resize the image, i.e. zoom in or zoom out, the text looks like CRAP !
I had a look at how QR does this, and basically it saves the image canvas to a metafile in memory then loads it back in, but when I tried this, I kept getting an invalid metafile when I either saved to stream or saved to file.
So I went back to just using the canvas directly.
Is there a wee trick I am missing here that will make the text resize properly and not look all chuncky ?
I have tried diff. fonts, but still get the same problem. I am currently using Time Roman.
Anyone got any ideas ?
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