I posted a message to this group yesturday (regarding Crystal and RB Pro)
that has apparently cause some offence.  I think the remark concerned was:

>>All the people here who say that Crystal is slow have obviously not done
any serious C/S work because all crystal does is run a query.
>>If you write lousy queries then it doesn't matter what tool you use -
performance will be bad.

Addmittidley, this statement was a little hasty and ill considered and for
this I apologise.

However, the person (who shall remain nameless) who sent me a very heated
personal hate-email did take offence.  If anyone else feels the same way
please feel free to let me know now and then I can get all the apologising
out of the way in one go and get on with some more offending  --- sorry I
mean  work.

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