What is the BEST Free Tray icon out there, and where do I get it?

I need -:

1) Animation from a Resource File
2) Proper Popup Menu Support
3) Proper Hiding and Showing of the Icon
4) Proper display of windows on Windows98 after being activated from Popup Menu.

I have tried a few around, but some are just CRAP. I found one that I thought worked 
OK. It did not support Dbl-Click. It leaves the icon hanging around sometimes which 
leaves gaps in my Tray. The icon is not visible, but the tool tip is if you hover over 

I used a product called PGTray95, which supports all but #4. 

On my NT Server computer, using PGTray95 #4 above works, it also works on Win95, but 
on Win98 the window opens, the cursor is flashing in the edit control, but the form is 
not active. You must select the form with the mouse, or Alt-Tab to activate it.

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