To answer your first question TField.FocusControl will focus the first
editor linked to the field. 


With the edit box you can probably use something like SelStart to do what
you are wanting (the details depend a bit on the edit control though I think
and I haven't used the standard VCL ones in years)





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Subject: [DUG] RE Data validation.


After a bit of experimenting, it seems that the OnValidate is triggered once
you leave the dbEdit box and it is before the Post is committed. This means
that you get a message directly after the box you have just entered the data


This words great for data validation across many forms, but, it tells you
the error, however it does not does not return you the box you have just
left. Is there a way to put the cursor back to the dbEdit box if an error is
encountered ?


Along a similar line, is there a way to find where the cursor is within a
string in and edit box ?


Thanks Wallace






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