Hi All.
I have been looking at adding a Soap Service to a D2007 app.
I found out that if have to use the indy9 code otherwise you get an error
"SOCKAPP  was compiled with a different version of blah blah blah" so you
have to change the library path from Indy10 to Indy.
However, when you want to us TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge it doesnt compile.
The reason I want to build the soap server into the app. is so that I can
have it "do things" based on requests fromt eh soap service.

I eventually got all this working in D2010 after finding an altered
TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge, but I am stuck on D2007 at the moment, so I need to
use it still.

Has anyone managed to make this sort of thing work in D2007?
I am currenly using an HTTP Server and JSON data, but would like to use

Thanks, Jeremy
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