Hi all,

I have developed a POS software for my client many years ago.  And now he is
considering to use touch screen and get rid of keyboard and mouse (at least
in normal operation).  I would expect the development will be similar apart
providing an on screen keyboard (Tbuttons) for numeric input.  However, I am
a bit concern about the focus.  If I have data entry inside a TEdit, when
the user click on the TButton for numeric input, focus will change to the
button and the cursor will not be on the TEdit anymore.  Of course, I can
change the focus back but it seems that it is a bit clumsy.

It would be great if anybody can have some suggestions or point me to the
right direction.

Remark: out of some old VCLs, I still prefer to use Delphi 6 for the
maintenance of this project although I have license for D2010.

Thanks in advance!

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