Using D2007, first create a new empty package and let it open in the project 
manager (or just open an existing packge). Then import the ActiveX and 
you'll see a new checkbox allowing you to add the created component in the 
package you've opened.

For the palette page where the component is installed, search in the 
generated source code for the Register procedure. You'll see the page. You 
can edit it (but be aware that re-importing will overwrite your changes).

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Subject: Installing third part ActiveX controls in Delphi 2007

> Hi,
> I'm having a problem installing an activeX control like DLPortio.ocx
> into the new Delphi 2007.  The component is registered on my system and
> it works under Delphi 5.
> When I select the install component and ask it create the wrapper etc.
> that all goes fine.  It even loads the .pas file for examinition.  It
> also tells me that it will install it in the ActiveX tools.  Except
> there isn't an ActiveX tools.  If I try and create an ActiveX tools
> folder it shows up as created but then, perhaps because it's empty, it
> gets deleted when I change over to install the ActiveX control.
> Delphi 5's only strange behaviour was the ability to hide certain
> controls.  That doesn't seem to exist in 2007.
> So I'm a bit confused.  Why would it let me go through the entire
> process along with creating the .pas file for the control but not
> actually let me install it.   The files list shows a .bpl but it's saved
> as a .proj
> Thanks,
> John Dammeyer
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