With a 32-bit compiler you need the 32-bit editions of OpenSSL DLLs installed.  
They usually go to Windows\System32.  I instruct my users to download the Light 
edition on this website.






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Subject: [DUG] Testing internet web site connections


I have been considering writing something to monitor connectivity to a few web 
sites- note not detecting whether there is an internet connection, but whether 
a number of sites are responding.  Some http and some https.


(Have got tired of opening a CMD prompt and pinging sites)


I have experimented with this in Indy for Delphi 2007 and testing a http site 
seems simple.   https is a little more involved – has to have the right OpenSSL 
DLLs in the program’s folder, libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll and I am not sure 
which is the right versions for D2007 to get from https://indy.fulgan.com/SSL/  
- for instance D2007 is 32 bit but windows is 64bit, and which version for 
which Delphi – there are new versions from V0.9.8r to v1.0.2j.  So far just 
getting “could not load SSL library” and “error creating SSL context”


Indy seems quite ideal, being asynchronous, doesn’t matter if it takes a while.


I could instead do Indy in Delphi Berlin, or use the non-Indy native internet 
connectivity in Berlin but haven’t found useful sample code as a guide for 


Any recommendations out there of best tools to use/point me to simple sample 
code.   Happy just to get as far as a 200 returned or 404 etc.

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