I made further advances for the layout and organization of the web client (my version). In order to pass arguments from one page to another (i.e. when you click on a question, it redirects you to a "Consulting Question Details and Answers" page), I made a very bad thing: I used global variables... just because I did not find another working method for now.

My problem is to execute a python function, and pass some arguments (e.g. the question list, the tag list, etc. already loaded in the calling function), instead of loading it again from the server. I know there must be some more elegant ways to do that (using sessions or something), but for now, I have no idea how to do that.

Anyway, now you can display individual questions and associated responses in different pages or tabs (by clicking on the "number of responses" link in orange in image #1... this will certainly change in the future). The page/tab title is like "QXXXX" (the question number). The list of answers appear in a clear, wide spaced layout. The winning answer(s) have a light green background. Compared to what I proposed earlier, I chose to lighten the background (previously deep green) so that it does not "steal" the user's focus, and allow the reading of other answers.

I would also suggest that displaying the winning answer should be an option in the user's profile. Because some people (like me for example) would not want to know what is the winning answer before actually vote (to avoid influence).

And feel relieved, I started to use DIVs for placing the different elements in the pages :P

I have also one request concerning the formatting of question descriptions and answers: would it be possible to insert "nonbreakable space" before ponctuation symbols ("!", "?", ":") in order to avoid orphan characters on a new line? (see image #3).

You can have an overview of the client here:

image #1:

image #2:

image #3:


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