Hello Lyu,

Lyu Abe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Here is a link to the VERY PRELIMINARY VERSION of a web interface for
> Demexp. It can be used on a LAMP/WAMP server with Mod Python installed
> (python 2.5, Mod Python 3.3.1). Put archive content in the WAMP/LAMP
> "www" directory.
> http://www.snapdrive.net/files/493994/Demexp.zip

I have managed to make your code work on my Ubuntu Feisty 7.04
system. Here is the steps I followed:

 * Install mod_python module (available in libapache2-mod-python

 * Unzip your archive in /home/david/demexp/lyu-prototype/Demexp/

 * Add a symbolic link:
     /var/www/lyu-proto -> /home/david/demexp/lyu-prototype/Demexp/

 * Add following stanza to /etc/apache2/sites-available/default file:
        <Directory /var/www/lyu-proto/python/> 
                AddHandler mod_python .py
                PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
                PythonDebug On 

 * Restart the Apache2 deamon with command:
     sudo invoke-rc.d apache2 force-reload

For the lazy ones, :-) Lyu's code can be tested here (available when my
machine is powered on):

Last minute update: there is apparently an issue when trying to reach a
question's details: in works fine with a localhost URL but not with the
above one. I don't know why and moreover the issue seems transient. :-(
Maybe it is related to the "PythonHandler" part. Which one are you

> This code only retreives the first 11 questions from the demexp
> sever. Its only purpose is to test the graphical interface and the
> voting process.

My first comments:

 * I find the default font a bit small on my screen. Why not stick font
   size to 1.0em?

 * The display of question list is nice. However a click on the whole
   question zone should bring to the question specific page (I think
   FĂ©lix as made a similar remark);

 * I'm not totally fond of the chosen color. But I haven't a better
   proposal for now;

 * Vote confirmation is very nice. Maybe you should add a sentence like
   "Your vote has been casted as:";

 * For a large number of responses, the drop down menus are a bit

>  Please do not send any comments about the code itself
> yet (I know it's messy and very heavy sometimes). We'll fix that
> later.

I haven't look at it yet. ;-)

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