Hi David!

I have managed to make your code work on my Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 system. Here is the steps I followed:

Oh nice! :P  (by the way, I have an issue under Ubuntu 7.10 with
deadkeys on french keyboard... maybe you can help me)

For the lazy ones, :-) Lyu's code can be tested here (available when
my machine is powered on):

Very good! Thanks

Last minute update: there is apparently an issue when trying to reach
a question's details: in works fine with a localhost URL but not with
the above one. I don't know why and moreover the issue seems
transient. :-( Maybe it is related to the "PythonHandler" part.

Ack!  :-/

Which one are you using?

I'm not sure I understand what it means. Do you refer to this configuration line in httpd?
PythonHandler mod_python.publisher

(I don't recall exactly why I had to use that, but probably because I was not able to call my python functions from a HTML script)

* I find the default font a bit small on my screen. Why not stick
font size to 1.0em?

Yes, maybe there's an issue under Linux. I wanted to check that before, but failed to install Mod Python under my Ubuntu, as I already mentioned.

* The display of question list is nice. However a click on the whole question zone should bring to the question specific page (I think FĂ©lix as made a similar remark);

Yes, I'll make a modification about that (however, I do not find it especially unconvenient, and I finally feel natural to press "reponses" to display the responses... although I agree may be a too "small" link, accessibility-wise).

* I'm not totally fond of the chosen color. But I haven't a better proposal for now;

Yes, I've also mentioned that on my last post on the Forum. I'll propose several color schemes so that we can choose a better one.

* Vote confirmation is very nice. Maybe you should add a sentence
like "Your vote has been casted as:";

Yes ok.

* For a large number of responses, the drop down menus are a bit cumbersome.

Yes, we mentioned that too. But let's keep that for now, and see if users complain about it (but what is the percentage questions having less more than 5 answers... I haven't checked it yet).

Please do not send any comments about the code itself yet (I know
it's messy and very heavy sometimes). We'll fix that later.

I haven't look at it yet. ;-)

Hehe. I somehow simplified the code lately.

        Thanks for your comments. Lyu

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