Hi David,

 * Django: http://www.djangoproject.com/

 * TurboGears: http://turbogears.org/

After much thought, I don't think that it is that much mandatory.

Use the tools that suite you, Lyu. Having a working web interface
prototype is more important than the language or tools used.

Lately, I just started to read Django tutorials and documentation. Let me get into it a little bit further, then I'll be able to tell if it actually suits me or not ;)

The problem for me is that Django or TurboGears are "high-level" web programming (management), which I am not familiar with at all... so I have the tendency to think that my knowledge and experience in web programming is too low to handle this. But as I said, I'll study that.

By the way, is that address operational now? (because I cannot connect)

I made some updates for the Client GUI (color scheme mainly)... inspired by the Django theme :P

I'll post that later this week.

        Regards, Lyu.

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