Hi David,

2007/11/14, Lyu Abe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
What do you mean by "store tags"? Does it mean "storing the tags locally"?

Yes. For example, you could store in the tags in a Python data
structure in memory.

However, in a first prototype, this is not mandatory. We could add it
at a later time if needed.

I still don't get it... :-/

What does "local" mean for you? (for me, it means the client computer)

To summarize my thoughts:
-To be able to use timestamps, there must be a file on the client computer containing the timestamp of all questions, so that they can be compared to new timestamps(?)

Since I feel I'm a little bit dumb on that question, here is a test case:
-I am a user logging to Demexp for the first time
-Two days later, I log again: can you precisely describe what is the process of using timestamps in that case? (client and server sides)



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