Hello David

> > vote(cookie_t, question_id_t, vote_choice_t) ??
> >
> > Any explanation ? 
> Yes. If you give a wrongly encoded value to "new xmlrpcmsg()", it
> *silently* skips the value without doing any warning. Thus the missing
> argment[1].
> By the way, you should use the method call setDebug(2) on the
> xmlrpc_client() object: it gives the content of the call sent to the
> server, very useful for the debug!

Thanks for the tip, those kind of things can change the world.. :)

> You must create an *empty* array and
> then *just call* the method addScalar() on this array.

Done. It worked fine. Thanks again.. 

> Footnotes: 
> [1]  I would consider a serious design issue with PHP and this library.

What do you mean by that ?


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