Hi Dave

> see code chunks 17a and 19f in demexp book.
> imestamp (see code chunk 17d
> page 17 in demexp book[1]).

So it is what I already saw in the demexp-book : I just wanted to be
sure.. ;) 

And to be oversure .. : : what do you mean by :

"Method get timestamps returns timestamps of all the objects on the
server." (3.3.2 Timestamps 19f)

all the objects means ?

And, passing by, maybe already ask but : Is there a limitation of times,
the voter can vote ?

Another one :
I developp the client, working with Postgresql : All questions in a
database with the clients account managed by the forum server.

What do you think of the idea (security issues, fake vote
opportunities..) ? 
 I was thinking about a demexp label to warrant the forum
administrator.. ??

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