Hi David

> As I said in my previous email: participants, questions and tags, in
> that order (see fields gt_participant, gt_question and gt_tag in the
> returned data structure).

I check the base64 doc and ask if issue. 

> I can't say much without further technical details.
>  I think you should
> use the authentication of the demexp server.

The access to the client, so the databse is authorized by the demexp

> >   I was thinking about a demexp label to warrant the forum
> >  administrator.. ??

Well according to the joined graphic, I thought about a central demexp
server connected to the forums. Where each forum can run his own
database : votes and propostions are still recorded by the demexp server
but the questions browsing is made locally. So it could decrease the
number of connections to the demexp server.

Even why not, the vote and propositions can be updated during the
database update (my client can update and store the database in the
admin interface). So that each forum would connect only 2 or 3 times a

> Sorry, I don't understand what do you mean.

I hope its clearer now.


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