Hello David

> Regarding reading, there is no particular issue so you can cache as
> much as you like in your forum databases.

So it will..

> However, regarding writing (e.g. vote, new questions or new
> responses), I think you should do them as early as possible otherwise
> you might have coherency issues (e.g. the new questions conflicts with
> the same one registered by somebody else, etc.). Only the demexp
> server can guarantee a coherent state. You might cache during writings
> but, in my opinion, this is very complicated and you'll have a lot of
> tricky issues.

Actually I didnt think about that coherency issue : So the writing will
be sync.

> Why don't you use the call get_timestamps_decoded()?
> same timestamps but as a nice set of three integer arrays already
> uncompressed. It would be much easier for you.

Yes, much easier.. :)

Thanks and yours,

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