My code looks like that:

def validate_new_response(req):
        global question_list
        global question_tags
        global tag_labels
        global cookie
        global s
        global login
        args = req.form
        index = int(args['qu_num'])
        new_response = args['new_response']


        this_question = s.question_info(cookie, index, 1)
        marshalled_qu = marshal.dumps(this_question[0]['q_id'])
        marshalled_resp = marshal.dumps(new_response)
        s.add_response(cookie, marshalled_qu,marshalled_resp,"")

then I get the server error. I think the "dumps" function I use is not


David MENTRE a écrit :
Hello Lyu,

2008/3/11, Lyu Abe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
 I succeeded in using the "marshal" module so that I don't get the error
 below anymore. However, I get an "Internal server error" from the

If you get an "internal server error", then the fault is on the side
of the demexp server. However I need more details to find what is
happening. Can you provide a self-contained Python code that exhibits
the issue?

Can I add new answers and new questions with the "demo" account?

I think so. But you should use the "test" server
( I've just checked: you can add new
questions with the account "demo", password "demo".


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