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Lyu Abe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I cannot create or add tags with the demo/demo test server

Yes, the tag handling methods are not available.
You can see it in the code of the XML RPC proxy:
(see method register_functions())

Therefore I cannot test it for ne added questions.

Do you really need to add new tags? Tag handling (creation, change,
addition to questions) is supposed to be done by classifiers
(i.e. humans). Are you doing the management part of demexp?

By the way, according to my code, there seems to have a problem if a
question does not have a tag... could you confirm? (i.e. a question
MUST have at least one tag)

Err, don't know. Ah, yes! If the question has no tag, you can't see it
with the GTK client. What kind of issue do you have?

Well, this means I can add new questions, but I cannot display them (error) because they have no tags associated.



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