On Sun, 2016-09-18 at 19:20 -0700, Donald J. Stewart wrote:
> is there a percent style repeat sign denemo uses?
> http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.18/Documentation/notation/short-repeats#percent-repeats

Denemo doesn't (yet) have any commands generating that sort of syntax.

In the View->Command Center  I searched for "repeat" and came across

Command: Whole Measure Repeat
Inserts a whole measure repeat sign.
Location: ObjectMenu->MeasureMenu
Internal Name: WholeMeasureRepeat

Trying it out, and then looking at the LilyPond syntax it generated, it
inserts a  whole one bar rest (e.g. R1*4/4) and then overrides the
stencil to draw it as a percent repeat.

It will have been me that created this script and clearly I was avoiding
using \repeat { } style syntax. The reason is the same as the reason why
the commands for standard repeats using { } around the music, although
present, are hidden, namely, for non-LilyPond-aware users they cause the
typesetting to fail when the user makes an error (e.g. deleting the
opening { without deleting the closing }).

Having said that, it is easy enough to generate the syntax
(Directives->Insert LilyPond) and you can elevate such an insert into a
full-blown Denemo command, right-clicking at the menu position where you
want the command and then adding a keyboard short cut. And it would be
(much) more difficult to arrange for Denemo to display anything like
what the typesetter will generate or to get the quick Denemo playback
(as opposed to the Playback View playback)to play the repeats.



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