an addendum:

I solved the scrolling issue by adding bar lines, which are invisible while 
in cadenza mode (yay!)

The problem, though, is that the cadenza does not automatically 
generate a page break.

1. How do I force a page break in cadenza time?

Another problem is that the original time signature still shows up in the 
beginning of the score. I can edit this in Frescobaldi by taking out the 4/4 
line in the score, but I'm not sure if this is correct technique, plus it 
doesn't generate a score when I try to import my new file back to 

A further problem is that this time signature (which has nothing to do 
with the amount of notes in the score) doesn't allow 'check score' to 
function correctly.

2. How do I get rid of the time signature at the beginning of the cadenza?

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 3:28:44 PM PDT Donald J. Stewart 
> I'm trying to create an introduction to a piece for voice and harp that 
> no time signature (based on traditional western chant).
> I begin the piece with 'Start Cadenza Time',
> I add the proportional rest spacers between the voice and harp,
> I then 'End Cadenza Time' at the end of the free rhythm.
> One of the problems is that denemo automatically places the 
> 4/4 time AT THE BEGINNING of the piece.
> I can't figure out how to 'place' the 'End Cadenza Time' at the end of the
> cadenza.
> Am I doing something wrong here?
> The other problem is that the view menu in denemo does not extend 
> scroll) during the cadenza. I have to change views via the escape key,
> place my cursor, go back to the main edit screen and continue editing.
> Donald

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