On Thu, 2016-10-13 at 22:52 -0700, Donald J. Stewart wrote:
> Is it possible to create 2 different time signatures on the same piece of 
> music?
> I'm engraving a piece for 3 instruments and SATB choir where the 
> instruments and choir 'overlap' but don't necessarily stay 'in phase' with 
> one 
> another.
> I tried to start cadenza time in the instruments, while keeping the choir in 
> time (by deleting the cadenza time, then trying to restore a time signature 
> in 
> each line), but that didn't work...
> Is this possible?

The documentation for this is at


Denemo has some commands already for generating some of the LilyPond
syntax needed for this sort of thing. The command "Apparent Time
Signature" for example generates the syntax

\set Staff.timeSignatureFraction = 3/4 

which you will find documented above. This, together with the \times x/y
syntax that the Arbitrary Tuplet command generates is enough for baroque
scores where the bass has a different time signature to the solo part.
For your purposes you will probably need quite a bit more of the syntax
from that reference. Once you know what the LilyPond is that you want to
generate then Denemo can be told to generate it - either using the
simple "Insert LilyPond" commmands or with more elaborate methods using
the Scheme window to generate new Denemo Commands. If you get to the
point of knowing what the syntax is that you want (here the
lilypond-u...@gnu.org list is *very* helpful) then I can help you create
it from Denemo.


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