On Fri, 2017-08-04 at 10:37 -0500, Jeremiah Benham wrote:
> I have managed to compile all of denemo's dependencies (including
> evince). 
Are you able to contribute these back to the MXE project - others may
want to help if there is some benefit for the MXE project as a whole.

> There is still a few snags. It seems that fluidsynth is still being
> compiled statically. I tried to change this but after digging around I
> think I found the answer. I think fluidsynth is not being built into a
> dynamic lib because some of its dependencies are statically compiled.
> I did see that libuuid.a was built static and the fluidsynth logs had
> a complaint about it. I was able to compile denemo with
> --disable-fluidsynth but have not tested it. Denemo does not compile
> against fluidsynth because we are laking the libfluidsynth.dll. I was
> wondering if I should edit denemo's LDFLAGS to include something like
> -shared -Wl -l:libfluidsynth.a or something or ... should I keep
> working on fluidsynth to make sure it compiles dynamically?

Is that to say the Denemo makefile assumes dynamic linking for all
platforms? There is no advantage for Denemo to use dynamic libraries on
Windows is there? No other program will share the library.


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