The embarrassing/weird thing is that I managed to do it in denemo two months ago.  And i still have the file(!), but for my life i can't figure out where that setting is anymore.

To beam eighth notes in groups of two, as opposed to the default groups of four.

On this lilypond page - you see:

\time 4/4
a8^"default" a a a a a a a
% Disable beamExceptions because they are definitely
% defined for 4/4 time
\set Timing.beamExceptions = #'()
\set Timing.baseMoment = #(ly:make-moment 1/4)
\set Timing.beatStructure = #'(1 1 1 1)
a8^"changed" a a a a a a a

Which appears to do the trick, but I vaguely remember doing it via denemo commands/options.

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