On Sat, 2018-02-10 at 11:56 +0000, Richard Shann wrote:
> I've just pushed a new command to the Edit->Select menu that allows
> you
> to apply things like ottava to passages of music at a single key
> stroke.

Another advantage of this can be illustrated as follows: suppose you
have a bass part that will appear as the left hand of a piano
accompaniment and also as a separate cello part. Some passages would
best be notated in Tenor clef for the cello, but not for the piano. In
this case you would create the switch to tenor clef and back again to
bass clef marking them as conditional on printing the cello score
layout. Then once copied to the clipboard using this new command the
switch can be applied to successive passages throughout the score
without having to mark each as conditional individually.


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