Ok, as of last night's build I think I have all the keyboard shortcuts
fixed for the windows version:

It downloads & unzips fine

It is still popping up a Console, (like the old denemo-console.exe
did). It will be good to create two versions, one with console debug
and no optimizer and the other with no console, no debug symbols and
the -O2 optimization turned on.
Would be good. Some of the messages with the word "error" in them are VERY worrying!!

I should try to build the MXE version myself - I've forgotten all I
ever learned about it, but I guess if I wget http://www.denemo.org/~jjb
enham/mxe I should be able to make it go (?)

Meanwhile, if anyone finds any keyboard shortcuts that are wrong, or
other problems with this version please report as we are getting close
to a releasable version.
will do


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