On Sun, 2018-04-15 at 15:28 -0400, Freeman Gilmore wrote:
> I do have a question, would the d-'s in the 5 lines of code you sent
> to me have to be rewritten (not asking about the internal code) after
> the bug is fixed?   I would not want to do this twice for the large
> number of accidentals needed.

Certainly, do not write a lot of scripts before showing the prototype
here for discussion.

> If possible it would be nice if all the accidentals could be interred
> the same way the b's and #'s.   Buttons are fine just other wise like
> entering the b's and #'s, same order.  Also some accidentals are
> interred with the b's and #'s, but they are writing in the same
> place in Denemo.    I am hoping that this can be done at the same
>  time as the bug fix and it may even simplify the fix by using the
> same code used for the b's and #'s.  

Denemo is the most flexible program I know for choosing the user
interface - it will be possible to insert the microtonal accidentals
via key-presses that are tailored for ease of use (as well as by many
other means - people have even customised the input so that they can
send all the "keypresses" they need via their MIDI keyboard!). Nothing
like that requires changes to Denemo, it is all ready-to-use.

By the way, please use the "Reply to All" or "Group Reply" buttons when
replying to a mailing list posting, as others will benefit from the

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