Hi Fran├žois,

Do you have any information or theories about how your database became corrupted? I have never encountered this situation before. A database in a jar file should be read-only, so the only theory I have is that the jar file itself was corrupted by some process outside Derby.

Please run the following query in order to find out what table/index is corrupted:

SELECT s.schemaName, t.tableName, c.conglomerateName

FROM sys.sysConglomerates c, sys.sysSchemas s, sys.sysTables t

WHERE c.conglomerateNumber = 376

AND c.tableID = t.tableID

AND t.schemaID = s.schemaID



On 9/10/20 3:09 AM, RAPPAZ Francois wrote:
I have a one table database embedded in a jar file. I tried to access it from 
ij with
java -jar %DERBY_HOME%/lib/derbyrun.jar ij -p ij.properties

ij.properties is

I can see that my table (authors) is in the the database with SHOW TABLES;
I can see the columns
ij> DESCRIBE authors;
NAME1               |VARCHAR  |NULL|NULL|20    |NULL      |40        |NO
NAME2               |VARCHAR  |NULL|NULL|20    |NULL      |40        |NO
DATA                |VARCHAR  |NULL|NULL|50    |NULL      |100       |YES
AUTHOR_ID           |INTEGER  |0   |10  |10    |AUTOINCRE&|NULL      |NO

4 rows selected
But I can't run a select statement:
ij> select * from authors;
ERROR XSAI2: Le conglomerat (1,376) demande n'existe pas.
ij> exit;

I have derby
Thanks for any help.


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