Please see my responses on DERBY-7113 and continue the discussion there if necessary. Thanks.

On 4/16/21 1:22 AM, Geraldine McCormack wrote:

Hi Folks - I have opened this new issue and am wondering if others have
seen it, and if there are any mitigations to prevent this from happening :

>From time to time an Index keeps a value, which has been deleted from the
underlying table. This results in an error is the row with the value is

SELECT ID from Some.TABLE WHERE IndexedColumn= 'Remembered Value';
ERROR 0A000: The DRDA command parseSQLDIAGSTT is not currently implemented.
The connection has been terminated.

  If only the Indexed Column is selected, then the Query returns 0 rows and
produces no error - because just the index is searched.

The Query Plan shows the index being used.

Dropping and Recreating the index fixes the issue. However, I can reproduce
this by reloading a database backup.

Any advice appreciated,
Kind Regards,


Geraldine McCormack
L3 Team Lead - TBSM & Netcool/Impact
IBM Ireland

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