Hi everybody,

we are currently looking for community members, which will be willing to
take ownership of Fedocal and Nuancier. To see our reasons for this look
at Fedora community blog article [0].

These two applications are part of the Friday with Infra initiative [1],
so you can see what needs to be done for each of these applications. We
are happy to help with those tasks, just let us know how we could help.

What ownership means:
- you will be responsible for codebase (looking for app lifecycle, fixing bugs, implementing features) - you will be admin of the communishift instance (managing openshift playbooks, maintaining running pods, deployment of new versions)

What rewards do you get:
- Learning useful and marketable programming skills (ansible, python, PostgreSQL)
- Learn how to write, deploy and manage applications in OpenShift!
- Making significant contributions to the Fedora Project community (and often others)
- Good feeling for helping Fedora community and Open source world
- A warm glow of accomplishment

On behalf of CPE Team,
IRC: mkonecny
FAS: zlopez

[0] -
[1] - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure_2020/Friday_with_Infra
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