Hi Bernhard, Christoph, all,

This is a little late, but when putting things into practice, small
details come up.

First, the good part: I managed to get some headway in Inkscape and
create basic designs for 16x16 and 32x32 document icons that are
pixel-perfect (the preview image doesn't show this) [1]. They're
missing the application icons - I tried to adapt existing ones from my
own designs and Bernhard's designs, but in order to be pixel-perfect,
they have to be drawn specially for smaller icon sizes, otherwise
there is quite a lot of distortion, particularly at 16x16. Since I'm
no good at manipulating objects in Inkscape, I'll leave that for
someone more skilled.

Now, the ambiguous part: working with the color pallet at [2], I found
some small points of possible improvement. Mostly that applies to
perceived lightness of colors (which, in my experience, is not always
equivalent to the actual luminosity value in the HSL color model). For
example, Green 4 appears much lighter than Blue 4, so that a gradient
that goes from Green 4 to Green 3 appears more distinct than a
gradient that goes from Blue 4 to Blue 3. At the same time, a gradient
from Blue 2 to Blue 1 appears darker than a gradient going from Green
2 to Green 1 - try it out and let me know if you see it that way too.

Based on this, I created a reference image [3] that (for me at least)
had the greatest apparent consistency between designs. It's imperfect,
but out of all the possible combinations, this worked best
subjectively. That doesn't mean I propose we use these colors, but
rather that we make small adjustments to the existing color table. It
would be ideal if we could use the same corresponding colors from each
set of colors (i.e. use Blue 1 for the Writer icon where Green 1 is
used in the Calc icon...)

I will comment on Bernhard's design tomorrow - hopefully what I just
wrote makes some sense :)


[1] http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/File:IvanIconDraft.svg
[2] http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Marketing/Branding#Color_Table

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