Hi Ivan, Michael, Christoph, all

sorry - I don't have the time to comment your mails (hopefully tomorrow).

But I want to share a view on what I did on my draft:


While the right side is the draft you know from my SVG file (http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Media:Template_icon_draft.svg), I tried to lighten the colors of the document icons in the new version on the left.

At the same time I removed one of the gradients and reused Ivan's inner fill approach with noticeable border at the top as well as the gradients on the symbols.

While I like the lighter document icons better, the darker color of the application icons hide their symbols in smaller scales (from 32x32).

Will need some more work...

Sorry again for being not able to discuss now the points you mentioned - but I'll have to get up early (without being tired out too much ...)

Best regards


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