Well thought I'd at least end on something - actually I have 3 images
but viewing could cause harm - so let me just tell what came mind when I
read your earlier emails about a Base Icon.

I tried to add 3 elements:

A display element such as those found on a checkout terminal in your
grocery store, or perhaps a gas pump - as a front end tool like Base is
going to be used to get to data that comes from some other system.

A 10 key pad, just the keys - forms and workflow are really about data
entry efficiency and data quality, nothing says that, well in the old
school maybe, better then the image of the professional 10 key operator.

Lastly - I attempted to create a mythical piece of office equipment,
half CRT and half paper - the bottom being a video display w/ frame and
a button, dark background withe text and you travel up it changes to a
white background, black text and tops with a little crimp to shat is now
paper - this for the report functions. 

Anyway - doesn't really work for an Icon and you guys are well along,
maybe fil it - circular file maybe - and it might pique an idea from you
in the next iteration.



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