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Am Dienstag, den 01.02.2011, 18:59 -0200 schrieb Paulo José:
> Hello everybody!
> Some days ago

Some weeks ago ... sorry for the long delay :-\

> , Christoph suggested me [1] to give a try to an already 
> knew issue, related to icons used to show saving information on the 
> status bar. The current icon shows an exclamation mark on a document 
> when the document have not saved changes, and some people think may be 
> better ways to represent this status.


> So, based on what was discussed, I tried to create new icons to this 
> behavior, based on the initial mimetype icons style. I keep two version, 
> since the current icon is 14px tall, but a source [4] says the status 
> bar icons must be 11px tall. I used some different (*) character to 
> follow the suggestion of some people.

Thank you so much, Paulo. Personally, I think the "Style 1" (upper
right) works best. The main reason is, that the shape of the document is
preserved well - although the icon is so tiny. And, the star seems to
appear quite balanced in this version.

I first worried about the orange color, because usually yellow is used
for indicating "new". But of course - yellow is (given the constraints)
almost invisible, so orange seems a great compromise.

What else? Mmh, I think the 14x11px version fits better to the overall
style of the status bar. The larger ones seem to be "out of place"

So, if somebody wants to have a look at it - I've created an example by
adding Paulo's icon to a simple status bar image:

Any further thoughts? To me, it's already an improvement - so I'm happy
to export the icons and create an issue for that.

I'll keep the source ...

> Versions on 16x14px: 
> http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/File:Status-bar-icons-saved-file-16x14px.svg
> Versions on 14x11px: 
> http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/File:Status-bar-icons-saved-file-14x11px.svg
> I hope it can be useful in some way. :)

By the way, I hope everybody noticed the interview with Paulo - I
discovered more or less accidentally :-)


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