Hi Kohei, all

On 11-03-2011 19:11, Kohei Yoshida wrote:
Yes, this is a good idea, and I like it a lot. That would greatly
enhance the visibility of this icon.

The only issue is that, implementing it would take a little extra
effort.  So what I'd like to do is to just leave the icon behavior as-is
for 3.4 (but update the icon images with yours), and look into
implementing timed feedback that you are proposing after the 3.4
release.  I hope that's okay.
For me it's allright. But I think we must wait a bit more for feedback from the other design and UX's people. But I'm very glade that you like the idea!

So, for 3.4, I guess we should take the left and middle ones?
Yeah, but like I've said, we should wait. I'd like to get some other members opinions, like Bernhard, Nik or Ivan. Up to this moment, just Christoph and Jaron did take part on it.

Thank you for your support, Kohei!

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Federal University of São João del-Rei
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