Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about changing the LibreOffice Writer's Status Bar. Just a little bit. :-P

My motivation was the feeling of confusion that actually appear sometimes, making me think about a new way to organize that information.

I tried to capture some initial thinkings about the status bar, pointing its issues. I perceived we can categorize its information in Page, Document and Selection related:

For more information about the options of Writer's Status Bar, see the LibreOffice's wiki page [1].

As you can see, there's some same category's information in different places. An issue, by example, it's when the user wanna know the page number when scrolling the page, so it needs look at the left side, while scrolling at the right side of screen.

I tried to achieve a better way to organize these informations, keeping a logical relationship between them. In my proposal, the Document information stay in the left site, the Page information on the right side and the Selection information stay closer to the content, in the center. Also an order that I tried to keep is "Edition" items before "Only-Information" items. This is my proposal:

I'd like to hear what you think about it. It's just one of my ideas concerning the Status Bar, including changing the Insert and Selection Mode text to icons, and evencreating a dynamic status bar, integrated with context toolbars.

But in small steps we walk longer, does not? :-) By now, I think we could just reorganize the Status Bar and improve its communicability. :-)


[1] - http://help.libreoffice.org/Writer/Status_Bar

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