Am 24.06.2011 11:58, schrieb Astron:
>>> Perhaps this highlights some of the
>>> problems of separating document settings from application settings, and
>>> in particular application defaults for document settings ;-)
> Ha, what it really highlights is that LibO currently doesn't separate
> well. This seems the biggest bug in the current Options box (affects
> Language, Colour, etc. settings).

Yes, but fixing this would be a larger rework. Not only from the code
hacking perspective - also for UX considerations.
And first we would need to do an analysis, which options are currently
stored in the Document and which are only application settings. From
what I've seen so far, this is not easy to see in the code - it's easier
to do some "reverse engineering" and try to find this out manually.
>> Good catch - the setting at Calc - view will be saved in the document.
> What I don't get is why the application-wide setting under
> LibreOffice–Appearance overrides the per-document setting under
> Calc–View.

I'd bet, because some StarOffice customer wnated to have it that way
back in the 90s ;)

>> So .. I still find this confusing, but some people might miss this option.
>> I'd love to have the Usage tracking data :(
> I'd say most people won't notice, but removing this completely now
> that it's there doesn't seem an option—for now it probably has to
> stay. Okay, is it possible to combine all the things under Objects
> into one option "[X] Show graphical objects" [1] and then simply add
> the new checkbox the dialogue?

> [1] What's the use case for these options? Screen-reader friendliness?
> Lower resource usage?

Normally such options were introduced for performance reasons at a time
when 4MB (not GB) were standard for a computer's RAM (and the graphic
card's memory was still measured in kB).
Although it is easy to remove these settings (or just have one joined
setting for all the graphical objects) I'd rather remove one silly
option (grid color) instead of two.

This opens a new point btw: if someone wants to clean up the Calc
settings (means give a specification from a user's perspective what can
be removed or combined) I'd likely find some time to work on an



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