Hi all,

based on the request at tdf#89453 I made a patch for the formats in the paste 
special dialog. And since this text is on a very prominent position, I'd like 
to get more agreement.

The new text should follow the convention <descriptive text> followed by the 
<short name> in parenthesis. For example, "Rich Text Format (RTF)" is slightly 
better than before with brackets but still not too informative for ordinary 

The most important changes as follows with Old -> New + Comments

* Unformatted text -> Plain text (Unformatted)
* Bitmap -> Compatibility-optimized image (Bitmap)
* Drawing format -> %PRODUCTNAME drawing format
* DDE link -> Reference only (DDE link)
* DIF -> Text with standardized formats (DIF)

* GDI metafile -> Screen optimized image (GDI) 
  + Samuel: needs perhaps also a dash after "screen"
  + Cor: misleading, it's a vector format, designed for Windows, Windows EMF, 
that allows for using 
    the Windows GDI, Graphical Device Interface?
  + Heiko: maybe "Windows vector format (GDI metafile)"
* Formatted text [RTF] -> Rich text formatting (RTF) 
* Formatted text [Richtext] -> Rich text formatting (Richtext) 
  + Samuel: original is good enough (for both)
  + Heiko: common but not according the convention
* HTML (HyperText Markup Language) -> Web formatting (HTML) 
  + Samuel: I would just call this HTML, that's a common term
  + Heiko: common but not according the convention
* HTML format -> Simple web formatting (HTML) 
  + Samuel: What exactly does this do in comparison to the HTML above?
  + Heiko: no idea, the internal format is SIMPLE_HTML (and it's not shown in 
the usual list)
* PNG Bitmap -> Cross-platform optimized image (PNG) 
  + Samuel: This sounds weird. Maybe "Image (PNG)"?
  + Heiko: the cross-platform thing might be interesting relation to Bitmap
* calc8" -> "%PRODUCTNAME %PRODUCTVERSION Spreadsheet (calc8)" 
  + Heiko: same for impress8 and draw8; calc6 adjusted too
  + Adolfo: never heard of “calc6” and “calc8”. What do they mean? Could these 
terms be better?

More details at the patch https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/52336/ and the 
ticket https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89453 (including 
screenshots how it may look).

The final decision to push the patch should be made in the design meeting next 


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