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Date: 2018-08-10 12:51 GMT+02:00
Subject: Colibre SVG issues
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I just installed LibreOffice 6.1 on my Surface Pro 4 and it was working
fine. Since this is a HiDPI screen I replaced the default Colibre theme
(png images) with the one you provide in your blog (svg images). The icons
are indeed a lot more crisp, but I ran into three problems:

   - Initially the icons were still low resolution
   - Some of the icons get colour corrupted, seems to happen randomly to
   different icons with each launch
   - Much more importantly, all check boxes and radio boxes disappear in
   the options dialog!

The first issue was easy to determine the cause and solve. I installed
LibreOffice, then chose your theme as it came installed, I noticed the
icons were low resolution and replaced the icon zip the with svg version.
But LibreOffice keeps a cache of theme icons in
%appdata%\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\cache so you need to delete the Colibre
folder inside so the cache is rebuilt with higher resolution icons.

The second issue seems to be within LibreOffice itself, maybe the svg
themes support is still rather buggy? But then again it seems like
LibrOffice is using a cached version that’s png again... Maybe it’s
generating buggy/corrupt pngs?

The third issue is the most important, and it may be caused by something in
your icons.

After what happened in the Surface Pro I suspected the svg icons were the
culprit since LibreOffice was working fine until I installed them and
cleared the cache.

I installed LibreOffice on my desktop PC next, and this time I replaced
your png icons with the svg version before the first launch. Sure enough
the check boxes and radio boxes no longer showed up, even though your theme
was never used in this machine!

Nonetheless I selected your theme and restarted LibreOffice just to be
sure, the issue remained. Next I’ve used the Windows Control Panel to
repair the installation of LibreOffice and restore the original png version
of your icons, and the issue is now solved.

I went back to the Surface Pro, replaced the svg icon pack with the default
one, cleared the icon cache as mentioned above, and the issue disappeared
as well.

I believe the check marks and radio marks used inside check/radio boxes are
theme dependent, correct? It might be they’re too large, or too small, in
the svg version? I can’t know for sure what’s happening, but I thought it
might be better to let you know this issue, and maybe my troubleshooting
will help you determine what’s going on.


Luís Camacho Design - www.luiscamachodesign.com

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