On 2018-09-12 2:00 p.m., Pedro Rosmaninho wrote:

> It´s nice to vote to keep something in, but when that something is constantly 
> breaking 

Why is it constantly breaking?

Part of it is that it relies on a site operated and controlled by The
Mozilla Foundation, using a product there that that organization has

Once upon a time, persona could be configured to use files on one's
system.  More specifically it was either

/opt/libreoffice.version.number/share/gallery/ or
/home/user-name/.config/libreoffice/4/user/gallery/persona or

Indeed, going into Expert Configuration, it looks like it can still be
configured from there. However, like everything else in Expert
Configuration, there is no user documentation. Is the "no" next to
string, for Persona a boolean value, and if so, why isn't it marked as
such. Or is it supposed to be the file?

Playing with those values, doesn't enable Persona.  Did I use "bad
values"? Has the ability to configure it from the expert setting been
completely removed? Has something else been broken?  I can't tell.

>and there's minimal dev interest to fix or improve it

According to Archive.org, the average lifespan of a webpage is under 18
months.  As such, relying on a third party website to provide
functionality is incredibly short-sighted.

>Would any of the people in favor be willing to fix it and improve it? It's as 
>simple as that.

Personally, I'd rip out the "Select Firefox Theme", and  at
">LibreOffice >Paths" under Type add "Persona", and set path
"/home/toki/.config/libreoffice/4/user/gallery//persona" as the default.


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