Present: Heiko

 * "Format" button in outline/chapter numbering dialog not self-explanatory
   + rename to Style, Template, Preset, User-defined, Load/Save
   + Load/Save (+1 Cor)
   => let's go with Load/Save (without ellipsis)

 * Direct formatting control text Highlighting mode <Esc> not toggling off
   + WFM (Heiko, c5)
   + need more pondering (Cor)
   + help page should explain the bucket mode (Maxim)
   + WFM (Cor)
   => forward to documentation

 * Provisions/strategies for Enriching the Default Dictionaries
   + isn't download/creation of more dictionaries sufficient 
   + use custom dictionaries (László)
   => WFM

 * Autoselect font size to change it quicker
   + WFM or select all on enter?
   => select on enter; improve patch for tdf#108012 

 * Easy access to Send Outline to Clipboard
   + File > Send is known; and on the same place since ages (Cor)
   => WFM

 * CTRL+ALT+E isn't opening the extension dialog but inserts a "é"
   + dup of
   + meta
   + see also 
(and prior)
   + bug?
   => regression, see c5

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