Bjoern Michaelsen wrote on 13-10-18 10:09:

> That is not really an argument against _evaluating_ AskBot as a platform.
> Evaluating means looking into what can be done with a platform and what the
> challenges are.
> Beyond that, I have to say I am not too surprised that finding something in
> Askbots 29000 entries is task a bit harder than finding a template in the ...
> twelve[1] templates hosted on the extensions website.
> Proper tagging (which can be done programmatically) should make twelve
> templates searchable with AskBot even if it misses things sometimes with 29000
> other entries.

True, tagging will help a lot.
The availability of a proper way to find, search, however, is a
condition we know in advance that we have to meet. So good to explicitly
state it.
It was by the way the only thing I missed in the nice sum up by Andreas,

Now up to the thread Heiko started, with the link to "Requirements

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