Am 05.11.18 um 09:58 schrieb Bjoern Michaelsen:
> Hello Andreas,
> Thanks for joining the discussion.
first of all, I didn't join the discussion and currently I'm out.
> On Sat, Nov 03, 2018 at 10:56:56PM +0100, Andreas Mantke wrote:
>> FYI: because I felt this way of communication inside the project lacked
>> the necessary respect for the volunteer work done for about seven years
>> during spare time, I stopped my work for the project and the website
>> with immidiate effect. I was never included in any discussion about the
>> site before this thread (or better threat) was started. I think this is
>> a behavior that is not appropriate to an open source project that define
>> itself as open and transparent.
> Im sorry that you feel that way. However, the Board and -- I am sure the
> community too -- are deeply grateful for your work here; and as you've been a
> member of the Board from the start, you were included in all discussions --
> both internal and external -- about the struggle around that site though.

Sorry, that I didn't share your view here. There were no real internal
discussions with the board about issues. The last discussion about the
topic extensions website happened during the board call at 27 Feb. 2017.
The summary was 'everyone happy - good work'.

> The Good Thing is, this thread did yield at least three volunteers from the
> LibreOffice community wanting to help out with the extension website now that
> they are aware: Maarten, Ilmari and Andreas Kainz. From what I heard, some 
> have
> tried to contact you on how to get involved or proceed, but unfortunately were
> unable to succeed.
Andreas was not unable. He got an Plone test instance, that I already
created for him.

I don't know, if he used it already.

But afterwards I was kicked out by this thread. I'm not used to be
pilloried for my work during my spare time. And maybe others too.

Kind regards,

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