Am 27-Dec-18 um 06:59 schrieb jonathon:
... The challenge is to design the language-selection UI that can select language, country, writing system, that remains as simple to use with 300 listings, as it does with 4,000,000 listings.
Some tickets from BZ: "Always list last three used languages" [1], "UI Language list not sorted" [2], "Move Default language entry to the top of language and user interface list" [3], "Make 'Default: <Name>' entry in language settings lists not sorted, possibly separated from other items" [4]. There are likely many more.

We are proud of supporting as many languages as possible, also the less frequently spoken, and should not favor one over the others for some arbitrary  reason (number of users, number of speakers, most complete translation etc.).

So my take is to provide autocomplete features with the dropdown (AFAIK it's called ComboBox then). Right now you click on the expander and have to scroll through the huge list. That would change into you enter the search term like "Deut" (...sch) in my case and the list expands when the number of items is reasonable small (let's say <20). Then you click on the actual item. This behavior is well-known and easy to discover.



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