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+ I like flat icons and your proposal definitely complies with the branding 
guideline. But what identifies design, for example, with black or dark 
grey/green? Just color is hard to understand- but admittedly easy to 
distinguish later. And please keep in mind that Telegram makes everything round.
+ After loading the image I've seen the tiny connector lines. Beautiful!
+ But unfortunately you need a hires screen to perceive this unzoomed.
+ The country icons are super funny when compared against each other. Love 
Hebrew/Israel. And Brasil 😊

On 08.01.19 20:58, Krist Çunga wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Kristi and I'm a designer based in Tirana, Albania. I was 
> introduced to the LibreOffice community before LibOCon Tirana 2018 where I 
> had the opportunity to work for the co-creation of LibOCon Tirana 2018 visual 
> ID. After the event I was searching for LibreOffice communities on Telegram 
> app and found out that there are different LibreOffice icons used for these 
> channels, or no icons at all at some cases. Here is an example on how 
> LibreOffice Telegram channel look from my app:
> As you can see, it is quite confusing navigating through these channels if 
> you are part of many groups related to LibreOffice.
> I thought that it would make more sense to have the same look & feel of these 
> icons and create a more consistent look visually. After some research i found 
> out that there are two different groups of icons:
> a. based on the country and language of the community;
> b. based on the theme of the Telegram group (main channel, design channel, 
> localization,etc)
> My proposal is to replace the current icons with flat icons. Flat design is 
> standing for years as very usable for websites and iconsincluding the 
> onesrelated to Telegram app. The list of the icons is based on the The 
> Document Foundation Wiki 
> (
> The new icons' colors are from LibreOffice branding guidelines 
> (, except the red one 
> (#FF0B23).
> Hopefully this will create more consistency for community members that are 
> navigating Telegram groups related to LibreOffice :)
> You can find the proposals here in two different folders for 
> countries/languages and different thematic:
> Best regards,
> Kristi Çunga

Dr. Heiko Tietze
UX designer
Tel. +49 (0)179/1268509

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