Hello everyone,
I'm fairly new to LibreOffice so I hope I'm sending this to the right 
After having installed LibreOffice on my laptop today, I really liked the 
designs of all the applications like Writer, Calc, Draw etc. but found the 
main white LibreOffice icon to not really fit into all of them. The plain 
design - in my opinion - looks quite dull and isn't pleasing to look at. It 
doesn't stand out from other programs and is easily overlooked due to it's 
In the will to change the icon on my desktop and startmenu, I stumbled upon 
an icon online, that would really well replace the current white icon!
I'll attatch the .ico to this mail so you can have a look at it. I found it 
I'd like to suggest that you all consider changing the LibreOffice icon to 
the one I attached to this mail or something similar you design by 
This would - in my opinion - really boost the overall look of LibreOffice 
and improve the impact it has on your desktop!
Sadly I don't quite know how to replace it in the files myself; I only 
managed to change it for my desktop and startmenu yet (not anywhere else). 
I'll trust on you to get that done if you decide on implementing my idea.
That's all I had to say for now, thank you for your attention and have nice 
~ Never

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