In terms of the bare minimum we need to let people support Snowdrift
through a crowdmatching mechanism, a payment or activity history is
not strictly necessary.

There has been a lot of good discussion, and we're kind of in the
middle of it, but I would like to suggest we put it on pause
nonetheless. If at all possible, it would be good to finalize the
design for the project page and the dashboard (something we also seem
to be right in the middle of).

Consider there to be a more immediate milestone, the "shut up and take
my money" milestone. To complete such a milestone, I'm not even sure
we need both a dashboard *and* a project page. Which should we nail
down first? Given the simplicity of the goal, I think they might be
more or less identical at this embryonic stage.

Of course, as soon as we hit that milestone we will want to start
adding the other assurances and niceties.

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